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Unit 8 Ground Floor West
Cambridge Park
5 Bauhinia Street
Highveld Technopark
Centurion, 0157

012 940 0653


OneConnect Technologies has identified 3 critical skill sets to help learners from all backgrounds, achieve success in finding employment. Many of the skills needed to successfully navigate through an interview, have the right C.V. and how to present yourself can only be learnt through experience. OneConnect Technologies will provide these skills using Velsoft Training Courseware in an environment where experience can be gained and practiced. As a skills development initiative the cost is minimal to each student to ensure affordability for all, not just those that have an income. We encourage businesses to get involved and sponsor a learner through our programme and see their success throughout the Skills Development Eco-SystemŽ.

As an introductory phase to the Skills Development Eco-System, OneConnect is looking for individuals who are looking for an opportunity to improve themselves, become skilled as a trainer and then embark on the journey of providing skills training in their respective communities.


As an organisation, OneConnect Technologies is taking up the challenge to provide affordable and sustainable skills development. This initiative also provides the means for job creation within disadvantaged and developing communities.

Click here to read more about this initiative.

If you are interested in having a chat about how you can take advantage of this initiative, please call us during
business hours on 012 940 0653 or leave your details on our website anytime.


OCT Skills Development Eco-System

Head Office:
Unit 8 Ground Floor West, Cambridge Park,
5 Bauhinia Street, Highveld Technopark,
Centurion, 0157